Get CPD Certificates for 13 Supply Chain Management Courses

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Course 1:

Introduction to Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Course 2:

Inventory Management

Course 3:

Ordering and Reporting

Course 4:

Tools and Systems Reporting

Course 5:

Recording of Consumption

Course 6:

Cold Chain

Course 7:

Supply Chain Management during Public Health Emergencies

Course 8:

Mass Drug Administration

Course 9:

Rational Use of Medicines

Course 10:

Good Dispensing Practices

Course 11:

Storage of Medicines

Course 12:

Waste Management

Course 13:

Basic Communication Skills for Frontline Healthcare Workers

Watch this call to action from the former ECSACON President, Keoagetse Kgwabi, as she calls all frontline health workers to improve their supply chain management skills.

A supply chain is only as strong as its very last link, and that is the critical role you play. By delivering medicines and other health commodities in the right place at the right time, you play a vital role in the well-being of your community. To ensure you are able to provide effective, efficient and equitable delivery of services till the last mile, 13 courses on Procurement and Supply Chain Management have been developed that will empower you with improved knowledge and better supply chain management skills. You can also earn CPD points from these courses, which contribute to the fulfillment of the requisite points necessary for the renewal of a nurses and midwives practice license.

These courses will cover the essential and updated concepts of Supply Chain Management, that affect how you do your job on a daily basis, while helping you understand the basics of the existing supply chain systems in the healthcare industry. They are easy to understand, with explanatory videos and interactive parts to guide you. Improve your supply chain skills and earn CPD points, today!